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BEER & COOKIES Comics (aka...ME!) is gonna be at FIVE POINTS FEST at PIER 36 NYC!
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 Part of a BATMAN Villains work in progress project I'm hoping to have done in time for the FIVE POINTS FESTIVAL! LINK-


I did a thing. Thing is done with Sharpie markers & color pencils. Wanna buy this thing? I'm selling that thing for 25 bucks! Shipping for said thing is FREE in the USA! Contact me at to order the thing!


Happy to announce I got me an art exhibitor table for FIVE POINTS FESTIVAL! Get more info about the con at Here's what my comic con schedule looks like so far for 2017. Hope to see some of you out there!


2014 Flashback Friday! Digital commission art of WWE superstar wrestler CM PUNK Vs. NACHO LIBRE! Currently open to do commissions-digital or hand drawn! If interested please contact me at! TGIF Ur'body!


My nephew Norrin is an 11-year-old boy with autism. He loves to draw and create his own stories inspired from his favorite characters and his imagination. He wrote and illustrated NORRIN'S DINO ADVENTURE and I colored it up in Photoshop. 50% of the proceeds from this book will be donated to D3 Sports & Recreation - a non-profit organization in The Bronx that provides sports and recreational programs at little to no cost for individuals with autism. You can purchase the digital book at this link:


Barring any managerial errors (*cough*Big Apple Con!),natural disasters (snowstorms, flash floods, earthquakes, zombie apocalypse, etc.) or my untimely demise I'll have an artist alley table this summer at ETERNAL CON 2017! INFO LINK -


I'll be at EASTSIDE MAGS in Montclair,NJ this Saturday,Feb.18 selling and signing my BEER & COOKIES Comics & Sketchbooks from 1-5 pm. I'll also be doing commission sketches and sketchcovers. More info and a silly picture of me drinking a beer at the link below. (My wife took it as we spent that afternoon drinking in a local bar the day after Hurricane Katrina) LINK-


YAI supports people of all ages with intellectual and developmental disabilities in achieving the fullest life possible by creating new opportunities for living, loving, working and learning through programs that empower and enhance the lives of thousands of people and their families.

My youngest sister Jennifer has always had an interest in the arts. Much like myself she grew up with a love for animated films and comics. When Disney kicked off their new brand of animated films starting with The LITTLE MERMAID and BEAUTY And The BEAST we watched them together in awe of the animation style. I passed down my early collected volumes of Eastman and Laird TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES graphic novels to her and she still has a love for the turtles in their latest TMNT live action films,cartoons and comics. (Me not so much!)

Jennifer is a part of the YAI ARTS program and her participation in the program has seen her talent flourish dramatically and given her the opportunity to exhibit her art in prominent galleries which has been a great confidence builder for her. On February 2nd I had the pleasure to attend a YAI Arts Show Jennifer was participating in along with several other talented young adults at the Sotheby's Art House in Uptown Manhattan! The name of the show was AMERICAN CHEESE:A Celebration of Pop Culture Icons and Celebrity.

Jennifer was pretty excited for the show, as was I and my wife Kim, but what we did not expect was to see how much of Jennifer's work was prominently on display. Above the escalator in the lobby was a huge computer screen displaying rotating images from various shows currently on display at Sotheby's and Jennifer's work was used to advertise the AMERICAN CHEESE show!

When we went up the escalator for the show the first thing you face is a wall displaying 4 portraits (Frida Kahlo, Lucille Ball, Steve Urkel and Bruce Lee) all illustrated by Jennifer! The postcard used to promote the show used Jennifer's Steve Urkel art! And to top it all off she SOLD 3 PIECES! She made more money in one 2-hour gallery event than I've ever made at any one day comic convention! Needless to say me, my wife Kim, my Mom and Aunt, the YAI program teachers and event organizers were all very proud of Jennifer.

The AMERICAN CHEESE show is currently still on display at Sotheby's but only until Wednesday, February 8th. If you are in the New York area and interested in seeing artwork that is as good if not BETTER than any modernist or abstract art on display in most modern art museums please check out the show.
If you are interested in discovering more information about YAI/National Institute For People With Disabilities Network or wish to volunteer your time or services please contact or visit the following websites:

If you've read all this...Thank You Very Much for doing so. I hope you found this enlightening,educational or inspirational.


Last Trump piece I'll do for awhile. Gotta get started on my short story sequential art for WAIT...IT GETS WORSE Issue 4 written by Doug Latino! COMING SOON!!!

Still got my my DUMP TRUMP Shop open so ya'll can look stylish at your next protest march!

Also got a few copies of this lil' 8 page zine compiling some DUMP TRUMP art I've done these past few weeks which you can only get now at CARMINE STREET COMICS! It'll come with 2 stickers and sell for 1 dollar. I'll also drop off 2 copies of my BEER & COOKIES Comics. They cost significantly more than a dollar. LINK -


BEER & COOKIES VOL.1 & 2 BUNDLE - $15!!!
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Issue 3 of WAIT...IT GETS WORSE debuted mid 2016 at MoccaFest and features auto biographical stories about life in New York written by Doug Latino and illustrated by Gideon Kendall along with several other cartoonists and artists. I had the pleasure of illustrating a two page story of Doug's titled I BARF NY! Here is page 1! To see how it ends you'll have to buy the comic which can be ordered here:

The printed comic is Black & White but I colored this page in photoshop for fun and practice:

This is the cover of issue 3 of WAIT...IT GETS WORSE illustrated by Gideon Kendall. He is insanely talented and has some amazing art in this comic so purchase it for his work more than anything! I have copies of WAIT... for sale so please contact me at to order via Paypal Invoice or purchase directly from Gideon at this link:


FOR SALE! ONLY $40! Payment via Paypal Invoice! FREE Shipping in USA!
Contact me at to order.


For SALE! ONLY $30! Payment via PayPal invoice! Free shipping in USA!
Contact at to order.

INBEON CON 2017!!!

Booked my 1st con for 2017! Inbeon Con, a great independent comic art con started and still ran by my pal and indie comic artist Eric Hutchison of Inbeon Studios. Hope to see all my New York friends and followers there on Aug 26th 10-4pm! For more info visit


The recent U.S. election results has left myself and many Americans disheartened,devastated and fearful about our future as a progressive nation. I took a few hours off from my regularly scheduled freelance workload to try and purge my anger creatively through my art. After drawing this tattoo/flash art inspired "DUMP TRUMP" piece I dusted off my old CAFE PRESS account and put this art on a bunch of T-Shirts, Buttons and other items. Through the sale of these items I'm hoping to raise some money to donate to various organizations who under the Trump/Pence regime are being threatened such as Planned Parenthood and/or LGBTQ charities. So if you're anti-Trump and looking for an alternative way to voice your opinion please give my DUMP TRUMP shop a look see. If you don't want to buy anything please feel free to share or link this post on whatever social media you like. The store link is below:



A small collection of iPhone pics from 2 art shows over 3 consecutive days.
This year's PANCAKES & BOOZE show was at the M1-5 Lounge. The space was pretty big despite the sizeable stage up front,huge bar in the center and the seating booths that ran along one side of the room. Display space was created by connecting large pieces of dry wall that snaked around the room to form a maze of wall art! Attending a late night, downtown, indie art show in the middle of a work week was something i hadn't done in awhile and i never had my art in a show like this before so i wasn't sure what exactly to expect. What i got was 2 jam packed nights with artists creating art in various genres and mediums: street art, fine art and comic art drawn, sculpted and painted on paper, canvas and people. Body painters, cosplayers, goths, hipsters, zombies, stand up comedians, celebrities and deejays spinning awesome, old school hip-hop at a decibel level i am no longer comfortable with at my age. There were also free pancakes being grilled up all night but i didn't have any.

I actually took 2 days off of work for this because i knew there would be one busy day and two late nights involved. Wall hanging was between 12-5 pm. I got there by 2:30 pm but by then wall space was already tight. Thankfully my pieces weren't too big. I ended up with a bit of an odd spot but there was a bench along side the wall right in front of my art so i could sit, drink, draw and introduce myself to any passers by who stopped to take a look at my stuff. Thankfully there was also enough space to hang my bio,business cards and USA GIRL sticker display with my SPIDER-MAN vs BATMAN vs SHARKNADO art. I didn't sell anything on night one but lowered my prices on night two hoping not to schlep all my art back home in defeat. I ended up selling the RAMONES piece.

Over the two nights i chatted up a few cool people and saw a bunch of great art. Apologies for not being able to add artist credits to everyone but there were too many names for my feeble mind to keep track of. If you see your art here and it wasn't tagged leave your info in the comments.

I spent the first night of the show mostly drinking and hanging out but night two was spent mostly drinking and sitting and sketching and drinking some more. At the end of the night (Which for me was around 8 pm-The show ran to 2 am.) i collected my other two pieces and tacked my drunk sketch on the wall for whomever to have. I hope it found a good home.

The next day i was back in the office. I worked my 9 to 6 and was then off to VINYL FANTASY Records & Comics in Bushwick, Brooklyn to drink FREE beer and eat homemade cupcakes courtesy of Ilana and Joe, the lovely couple who own and operate the shop.

I did this WALKING DEAD poster ages ago. It depicts an imagined storyline of an adult, battle weary Carl and his sister Judith (aka Lil' Asskicker) on the road alone with the items of their fallen friends and family-Rick's hat, Michonne's sword and Daryl's bike. I thought I put enough clues in the art so that people would get it but in the end I got everything from sincere compliments to bewildered looks and I've never sold a single one of these posters since I printed 20 of them back in 2013. So i took them with me to VINYL FANTASY to give away because why the hell not. Maybe they still have some left. But there's only one way for you to find out....Visit VINYL FANTASY and go get'em!

VINYL FANTASY also has a few copies of my mini-comic MANBOY N' Friends! It's all the way in the back hiding in shame and slowly dying from loneliness. Front and center is my man Eli Neugeboren​'s comic SHARKARY VS TSUNAMI CRAB! He also did that badass BOWIE postcard.

A close up shot of my art on the wall. It's framed and for sale so contact VINYL FANTASY ( for sale prices and info.

Thanks again to VINYL FANTASY and PANCAKES & BOOZE for letting me be a part of their shows. Hope to do more shows with you all again soon!