The Keeper's Notes said...

Holy fuck you've been keepin' busy!! Damn, dude..! I've seen some of your postings on Deviantart but didn't realize you were doing 100 sketches...that's an admirable achievement! This Avengers/X-Men cover looks crazy! That's a hell of a lot of work...good job on the sketch.

Hope all is well, dude..!

Jason Quinones said...

Thanks Justino!

The few sketches i did at the NYCBM Con months back got me on a sketch kick. Figured if i'm gonna keep doing the cons, people are gonna be EXPECTING me to do on site sketches so i should be better at it. Still trying to get into some cons but the competish is fierce. Couldn't get into the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics festival and NY Comic Con's a bit too pricey for my budget for me to go it alone. There's an Asbury Con i signed up for but have not heard anything back from them yet. But (so far) the King Con in Brooklyn looks like a definite go ahead!