Booze News

• The above asterisk-ed word balloon is an actual unsolicited quote from another satisfied customer of my BEER & COOKIES comic, or at least that's what the kind hearted employee of Manhattan Comics and More (10 East 23rd St.) told me last time i visited them to collect my commission check.

• Midtown Comics bought several copies of BEER & COOKIES as well so be on the lookout for that on their comic racks, hopefully sooner than later. But they will only be available at their Times Square location (@ 200 West 40th St.) due to "some of it's subject matter". BEER & COOKIES everybody... carrying the torch of bad taste and debauchery that was once so prevalent in the Times Square of old!

• Upcoming Comic Con Appearances:

Asbury Park Comic Con @ Asbury Park Lanes Saturday, Sept. 29th (INFO LINK)

King Con @ The Brooklyn Lyceum Saturday and Sunday Nov. 3rd and 4th (INFO LINK)

• And BEER & COOKIES is still available by mail order through PayPal. The PayPal link is on the top left hand side of this page. Get Some!!!

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