Asbury and Beyond

The past couple of weeks have been busy with comic cons and OT at my full time job so i haven't updated the sites with anything for awhile. Here's what happened at the cons.

Saturday March 30th, Asbury Park Comic Con

I was hesitant to attend the Asbury Con again because traveling that far out into Jersey is a bit of a hassle but it was totally worth it in the end. The APCC has grown significantly in popularity since last year when it was held at The Asbury Lanes Bowling Alley. This year's APCC was held a couple blocks away at the Asbury Park Convention Center on the boardwalk which is obviously way more spacious than a bowling alley but still not as cool a venue as a bowling alley. 2 floors of exhibition space made it easier to comfortably accommodate fans and cosplayers alike to roam about and for exhibitors to showcase their wares without it feeling too cramped or crowded. At least that's the way it felt for me on the 2nd floor where i was exhibiting. I wasn't even aware there would be a 2nd floor until i arrived the day of the show and was shown where to set up but the large wrap around windows with clear, beautiful views of the beach, the ocean and natural light was well worth the strain of hauling a suitcase full of swag up the steep flight of stairs.

The big guests and comic shop vendors were on the main floor so i feared the traffic going up would be minimal but that turned out to not be the case at all. There was a steady flow of traffic upstairs all day and the Asbury crowd was very appreciative, complimentary and supportive of my work. I greatly appreciated the laughs they let out while flipping through my books, sketches and posters and was even more appreciative when they bought something from me.

I sold a little bit of everything but mostly i sold a lot of copies of my comic Beer & Cookies. People frequently commented they saw similarities to Mad Magazine in my work and even compared my style to that of Ralph Bakshi (animator/film maker: Fritz the Cat, Coonskin, Heavy Traffic, Cool World)) and John K.(cartoonist/animator: Ren and Stimpy). And the John K. reference came from well known independent comic book artist Dean Haspiel (The Alcoholic, SuperRay artist on HBO'S Bored to Death)! Had a real nice quick conversation with him. Should've given him a free book to remember me by but didn't think of that till way later.

I have a binder full of original sketches which i sell at these cons now, one of which was of Wolverine as a used car salesman. I sold that one to a guy who was not only a big Wolverine fan but was also, funnily enough, a former used car salesman! We both had a laugh about that and he bought the sketch on the spot.

Saturday April 13th, New York Comic Book Market Place (@ The Penn Plaza Pavilion)

NYCBM was fun but not as profitable as APCC was for me. The reason for this i believe was in the special guests list of each con. At APCC the 3 big special guests were Al Jaffee (MAD Magazine),John K.(Ren & Stimpy) and Evan Dorkin (Milk & Cheese). If the majority of con attendees came specifically to see these industry giants who specialize in satire, parody and humor comics then these same people might be interested in what i have to offer which certainly seemed to be the case that day. At the NYCBM the 2 big special guests were Neal Adams (Batman) and George Perez (Crisis on Infinite Earths), classic DC comics artists responsible for some of the most memorable comic stories told in the industry today. This con seemed more geared towards the mainstream comic crowd so it's possible that they would have no interest in what i do which is basically satirizing mainstream comic book characters.

But there was one cool fan who saw my bio on the NYCBM website who was very interested in my work. He purchased several on site sketches from me which i did in his and his friend sketchbooks.

The sketches: A Dalek falling in love with a toilet, a pissed off Cap't Cold because his ice cream melted due to global warming, Green Arrow with an apple on his head and an arrow through his chest courtesy of Hawkeye, a sexy Black Canary and a beat up, black eyed, Gotham P.D. mugshot of The Joker which i personalized with him saying "Nice Fight Matt!". If you happen to be reading this, Thanks again Matt!

I also got this pic taken of myself with another fan's autographed Cap't America shield. Originally, i asked if i could just take a picture of him with his shield but he in turn said he'd rather take a picture of me with it. It's always nice to see a fan willing to share such a valuable item with others who could appreciate it. Later noticed the Neal Adams autograph which i'm assuming he got that day. Notice also the Stan Lee autograph in the star which i'm assuming he got at NYCBM 2012 where Stan Lee was the guest of honor.

Saturday June 15th, Eternal Con

I signed up for Eternal Con out in Long Island being held at The Cradle of Aviation Museum. I think i went there on a school trip when i was a kid. Should be interesting.

As soon as i catch my breath i'll shut up and get back to posting art again.

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