Lemmy of Motorhead:
Pencil, Sharpie markers and White Out.
on 8 1/2 in. x 11 in. printer paper.
(NOTE: Posted art SLIGHTLY digitally manipulated.)

Donated the original sketch art to be auctioned off at the Dispatches from the Underground:
Punk Island Art Auction which is being held tomorrow, Friday, May 17th at Danny Screams in Brooklyn.

"What the hell is the Punk Island Art Auction?" you ask. All your questions can be answered just by clicking on the links below:



The bidding starts at 1 BUCK so if your fellow auction hunters blow their wad of cash early this piece (along with a couple of die-cut stickers and a new MANBOY mini-comic (GASP!!!) all done by yours truly and packed up nice and neat in a plastic magazine bag and board so it stays nice and dry when you spill your beer on it later because that's definitely gonna happen!) can be all yours for next to damn near nothing! You ain't gonna find a better original art deal anywhere else in NYC!

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