I'm trying out an INVOICE system through Paypal to see how that works until i get a chance to figure out how to properly set up my recent store accounts at Big Cartel and Store Envy and work out the kinks with the shipping settings at Paypal which somehow got all jacked up the first go round even after i had set them up properly the first time. The good thing about the invoice system is that i write out the orders myself so item costs will be exactly as stated on the site.

Another good thing is that without the hassle of creating new Paypal buttons for each new product this has allowed me to currently put up EVERYTHING i've got for sale on the internet, a lot of which i did not have available before!

Check out the site, send me an email at stating exactly what it is you'd like to order, i'll email you back a Paypal invoice and once that's paid your order will be processed.

Supplies are currently limited so first come first serve.

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