Eternal Con 2013 Recap

Eternal Con at The Cradle of Aviation Museum was a blast. Mr. Eternal Con, Frank Patz, put together a great show and i was glad to be a part of this inaugural event. My only regret that day was not being able to get away from my table to check out some of the other artist alley tables and exhibits. 

Thanks to everybody who stopped by my table to check out my work, talk comics and a BIG thanks to those who purchased comics, posters, stickers and sketches.

Above is a pic of some wall space next to my table i commandeered for the sake of self promotion.

Below is a scanned in image of an Avengers Vs. X-Men sketchbook cover i did a few months back which i sold it at Eternal Con.

Photo of an on site sketchbook cover i did at Eternal Con for Barney, a fan who specifically saught me out to specifically draw this for him.

Sergio bought this sketch of Lobo.

I also did an awesome sketch for some kid of Marvin the Martian aiming his gun at a Venus Flytrap which i forgot to take a picture of and i'm still kicking myself about it.

See ya at Eternal Con 2014!

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