Tower of Power

The Beer & Cookies Tower of Power!!!

Online and at a reasonable price i finally found an old school, metal, comic book spinner rack similar to the ones you'd see in your neighborhood newsstand or bodega wherein as a kid you'd loiter, spinning a rack packed with brightly colored superhero and funny animal comic books, picking up and flipping through each book in awe and amazement until the store owner eventually yelled those ubiquitous words... "THIS IS NOT A LIBRARY! YOU BUY OR YOU LEAVE!"

The spinner rack also came with a built in sign holder ring where i posted my own laminated Beer & Cookies comics sign.

It makes for an impressive table presentation item but it's not so big that other table exhibitors will feel as if i'm blocking their tables from view if placed correctly. At least that's what i'm hoping as i'd like to use this at future comic cons to better exhibit my comics. If i can't, it's still badass enough to just keep at home for myself.

Saturday, June 15th, from 10 AM to 5 PM i'll be exhibiting at Eternal Con at The Cradle of Aviation Museum in Long Island.

If you can't attend Eternal Con and wish to buy a copy of Beer & Cookies and or other neat-o items created by myself online please visit: 

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