Carmine Street Art Instagram pics

I recently joined Instagram so if you're into that and wanna follow me on yet another social media site my Instagram handle is @beerandcookies. The above two pics were originally posted on Instagram and were both taken on site at Carmine Street Comics (34 Carmine St. in the West Village).

I'm also going to be exhibiting at NEW YORK COMIC CON 2013. This'll be my first NYCC so i am optimistically looking forward to this whilst simultaneously shitting my pants in nervous anticipation. As soon as i know my table location i'll post it up so's y'all know wheres ta find me.

Assuming i survive NYCC my next big con after that will be Asbury Park Comic Con 2014. It'll be my 3rd time exhibiting at APCC but for 2014 the con has been extended to 2 DAYS and is now at The Berkley Oceanfront Hotel. I've always had a good time at APCC so this 2 day event should hopefully be twice as fun.

I also recently joined twitter. My twitter handle is @ jdqcartoons. I haven't tweeted shit yet but you're welcome to follow me anyway. I just might tweet something so cosmically incendiary you'll have to reevaluate everything that you have come to accept as fact in your life. Probably.

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