New York Comic Con 2013!!!

Fan: Hey Man! I got stuff for you to sign!
Me: You do? Um...Great!
Fan: You did BATMAN '66 right?
Me: Batman '66? Uh...I think you're looking for Joe Quinones. I'm JASON Quinones.
Fan: Oh....Well, i feel like an asshole!
Me: Don't worry about it.
(Awkward Silence)
Fan: Okay.....Bye.
Me: : (

This happened more than once.

So this was basically my table set up for the weekend. I made a few minor changes each day to my table layout depending on what sold best and featured that item more prominently. The Doctor Who/Green Lantern Mash Up and the Breaking Bad posters sold out. I had T-Shirts practically hidden on hangers behind me but they made it up to the table by the weekend. I sold a few LOVE U 2 DEATH, Red, Ladies Tees thanks to my wife's display suggestions.

I also had a big, rotating, metal wire frame, comic book stand behind my table filled with my comics on Thursday, just as a cool prop display item, trying to emulate the old school HEY KIDS! COMICS! comic racks you'd see at newsstands and candy stores when we were kids but it was too big and cumbersome and didn't really help me to sell anything so i took it down by Friday.

These are the self published books i sell. I did a second printing of my BEER & COOKIES comic for NYCC, adding more color art and gag cartoons to it, updated all my social media info on the indicia page (having changed my domain name from the hideous to the new and improved and tried to correct all the spelling mistakes the first printing had. There was a lot of 'em!

I had plenty of copies of MANBOY N' Friends left over from when i first premiered it at the last Asbury Park Comic Con and i printed and premiered my first sketchbook EXTRA COOKIES at NYCC.

I sold a fair amount of books but wish i could have sold more. If there's one thing NYCC has taught me it's that Artist Alley isn't really about comic books, it's about comic book CHARACTERS on BIG ASS posters! Now i know for next year!

Artist Alley is also very much about Commission Sketches which i am more than happy to do. I'm starting to get more comfortable with it and believe my live sketch art is improving with each con. One of the first sketches i did was for this guy named Joe who wanted a sketch of himself kicking a zombie in the balls. Zombie Nut Kicker Joe is pictured on the right.

Ian wanted a sketch of The Thing. He was quite pleased with the fact that i added a Yancy Street sign.

A.J. wanted a sketch of Damian Wayne/Robin. In the sketch, the usually acrobatic Robin has got his staff jammed in between two buildings and is saying "So much for STEALTH!"

Being attached to my exhibitor table all weekend didn't give me much of a chance to explore the Artist Alley Floor, much less the Main Hall, but whenever i saw some cool cosplayers pass by i tried to snap a shot. These were two of the best that i saw.

One of the few times i allowed myself to escape from my table for a quick break and i "RUN" into this guy. The Man, The Legend, The Icon, The King of Rock...DMC! I'm also wearing my own LOVE U 2 DEATH T-Shirt design so this pretty much makes the best picture of myself ever taken.

I'm a huge Bill Hicks fan so when i did this piece i knew i wanted to print this as a poster but i printed a very limited amount because i wasn't sure if Bill Hicks would sell at a Comic Con. He does. Always a pleasure to meet a fellow Hicks fan.

I have a HUGE binder full of original sketch art that i take with me to every con. These are scans of all  the binder sketches that sold at NYCC. A lot of the sketches from that binder are in my sketchbook EXTRA COOKIES.

Heisenberg cosplay was very popular at this year's con. I'm surprised i was asked to do only one Heisenberg sketch.

Christian wanted a sketch of a Super Surly Mario so that's what i did. He was pleased with the results.

Super Surly Mario CLOSE UP!

Mike Negin, the super cool dude who puts together NYCC, was awesome enough to seat me and my buddies all together. We're all graphic artists from 9 to 5 and aspiring comic book artists and creators every other minute of the day. All these dudes are super talented and i was honored to share some floor space with them.

Left To Right: Ali Solomon (, Sean Hamilton (, Gary Fields ( and Joe Quinones (

I'd like to say Thank You to everybody who stopped by my table to talk, laugh and compliment my art and an even bigger THANK YOU to all the people who actually bought some comics, posters, stickers, buttons, T-shirts and sketches from me. I do appreciate your support.

The first 5 people to email me (at a clear pic of yourself clearly holding the item/s you bought from me at my BEER & COOKIES Exhibitor Table at NYCC 2013 gets a FREE BEER & COOKIES Six Pack of 2 Buttons, 2 Stickers, 1 Micro Comic and a Postcard! Good Luck!

If you missed out on your BEER & COOKIES fix at NYCC this year, i'll be at the Asbury Park Comic Con 2014, April 12-13 at The Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel in Asbury Park New Jersey.

Go to for details!

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