A few weeks ago i had the pleasure of meeting comic book artist Bob Fingerman, the creator,writer and artist of MINIMUM WAGE at a book signing held at Forbidden Planet in downtown NYC to celebrate the relaunching of his popular underground series about life, love and low paying jobs in The Big Apple.

He graciously signed my copy on Minimum Wage #1 and my well worn, well read hardcover edition of BEG THE QUESTION, the complete collection of the first series run of MINIMUM WAGE. I told him that it was the book that got my wife into comics which he was very glad to hear. We chatted about comics and the industry very briefly, i thanked him for signing my books, told him that i was a comic book creator and that i'd like to give him a copy of my comic BEER & COOKIES and if he could possibly maybe even contact me back to let me know what he thought of it i'd really appreciate it.

He eventually did contact me back and told me that he was enjoying the book and even laughed out loud a few times! I responded back with a lot of Thank Yous and Exclamation Points and decided to roll the dice and ask him for a blurb for my website.

A couple of weeks later he responded back with a great statement in regards to my work which i am truly thankful to Mr. Fingerman for.

If you'd like to order a copy of BEER & COOKIES here's the link:

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