Below is the banner header i created for my sister, Lisa Quinones-Fontanez, for her blog Autism Wonderland dot com with it's mission statement. 

When her son Norrin was diagnosed with autism she started the blog as a way to document this new chapter in her life and in doing so to also bring Autism Awareness to the forefront of today's society. In the few years that the blog has been up she has done just that and has helped numerous families to not feel alone in their journey raising their own autistic children. The blog has since grown immensely in popularity and has been on several best parenting blog lists.

Although Lisa and Norrin still have many difficult challenges to face together the journey of raising her son is no longer the overwhelmingly daunting task she once thought it was, which is why Autism Wonderland  is now the website A Typical Familia at:

A Typical Familia is where she now continues to document the many joys and struggles of raising her Typical Kid.

The logo by itself:

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