The Gotham Super Collectors Show at The Holiday Inn in Manhattan was this past weekend and sadly this show was far from super. I'm not going to complain too much though seeing as how i got my table for free thanks to my friends over at Pronto Comics and Carmine Street Comics who were nice enough to invite me to share in the ample table space that they were given for the show.

The turn out was small, not too many people were buying but i made a few bucks and i got some drawing done. Above is a monster sketch i did on the the hotel's cafe menu flyer.

Below is a cartoon sketch of WRATH, a member of The THUNDER KITTENS, A Female Fantasy Wrestling Entertainment League. She sat in front of our table with her "Vince McMahon" and some dude in a Punisher Lucahdor mask who I'm assuming was their "Inter-Gender Wrestling Andy Kaufman". Wrath and Punisher performed a few impressive wrestling moves to entertain the crowd. To entertain myself i decided to sketch Wrath.

She seemed to dig it when I gave the sketch to her!

This upcoming Saturday, July 26 i'll be participating in The Cotton Candy Machine's Roebling Street Fair in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. For more info about the fair and The Cotton Candy Machine Art Gallery visit

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