MoCCAFEST was last weekend and i took A LOT of pictures which is why i'm just posting about it now. It was my first time ever exhibiting at MoCCA and for me it was a GREAT experience.

I feel like i introduced my art to a whole new different kind of audience which is something i've been trying to do more of this year. I met a lot of cool people who were really enthusiastic about the art of creating comics, not just super hero fan art. Not that there is anything wrong with super hero fan art but i feel as if that aspect of the convention scene is way too dominant nowadays.

This handsome bastard is my buddy Pat and this was his was his table at MoCCA. Me and him are gonna share a table at NYCC SPECIAL EDITION this June. I've never exhibited at SPECIAL EDITION but this con supposedly wants to focus more on comics and sequential art the way NYCC did before the Hollywood hype machine moved in. Hopefully that'll be the case and he and i will do well there. Stay tuned for more SPECIAL EDITION details in the coming weeks. Check out Pat's work here: LINK -

This here is a horribly quick sketch i did of my character MANBOY in a fan's hardcover copy of SEDUCTION OF THE INNOCENT, a book written in the 1950's by some crackpot "doctor" who claimed comics were trying to criminalize our nations youth. He was pretty much responsible for bankrupting several artists, comic book companies (including EC Comics!) and is the main reason the Comics Code Authority exists. Below are shots of the books title page and artist signatures including STAN LEE!!!


He's real excited about the commission sketch i did for him...

BEER & COOKIES Comics: Corrupting young impressionable minds since 2012!


This dude has been supportive of my art since i first started doing conventions. I've met him before at other cons and he's always asking me when is BEER & COOKIES Vol. 2 coming out. I truly do appreciate his enthusiasm for my art but i tell him the truth and say i've still got plenty of copies of Vol. 1 i still need to get rid of. In the interim, he bought the EXTRA COOKIES Sketchbook, a bunch of Zines and a BATMAN poster to tide him over til then.

Although i do have poster art available to sell at my exhibitor tables it's never been my main focus. Currently, i'm an independent, self publishing comic BOOK artist with a full time job so it's impossible to generate new material for every convention i do. That's why i've tried my hand at creating small zines for my last few conventions so that at least i have some sequential art material to showcase.

The Indomitable Paigey Pumphrey! Check out her art website and read all about her indomitability here: LINK -

This is Peter Quach. I sat next to this talented dude all weekend. He purchased my Green Lantern/Doctor WHO Mash-Up poster for his lady. He also has a web cute comic on tumblr called GUMDROPS. Check It Out! LINK -

Seeing as how i'm trying to make some sort of profit at these conventions i don't usually make a habit of spending money where i'm exhibiting at. It's damn hard to stick to that rule at MoCCA! MoCCA had too many fresh new books that i would not be able to get anywhere else so i splurged a little. Here's a home pic of all the books i picked up. Seek out these artists and support their work! It'll be worth the effort!


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Hyacinth Marius said...

I must say this was a great event. I was able to get my favorite book.

Thanks for posting the pictures.

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