2015 was definitely a year full of highs and lows for me artistically. Some of those positive highs being that this year I seemed to have created more comics art (or more specifically "sequential art") than I had in a few years. I created several comics pages using various storylines and art styles for possible future quick printed zines or for material to be possibly self published in Vol.2 of BEER & COOKIES Comics.

Another positive for this year was that I've networked a bit more to try and get my artwork seen by more people by developing relationships with poster printers The CCD Art & SUPPLY Co. ( and VINYL FANTASY Records and Comics ( both based out of Brooklyn,New York. I've been able to have both original hand drawn and digital print pieces in art shows they've curated around Brooklyn,the first being the "Record Collection" show wherein I "reinterpreted" the RAMONES/Pleasant Dreams album cover for CCD-NYC which showed at The Arrogant Swine ( this past summer and most recently the "Krampus/Holiday Horror" show at the VINYL FANTASY Records & Comics shop!

Poster Art I created for CCD-NYC that is available for purchase on their website!

My most successful con this year was MoccaFest,a con I had never participated in which is why I believe I did so well. My comics were in front of new eyes,a new crowd most likely unaware of my work and this crowd was ready and willing take a chance and spend money on indie comics creators work which is what comic cons SHOULD be about. The downside of MoccaFest is that tables are REALLY pricey for a 2-Day Con which makes it difficult to make back table costs much less make a profit but I made my table so I was satisfied with that.

My art lows came in the form of my very few (and not very successful) comic con appearances this past year,which I attribute to my lack of new material at my exhibitor table as I've still got MANBOY comics,Sketchbooks, Poster Art and BEER & COOKIES Comics to unload. I think I have to rethink my table presentation for future cons to be able to compete with all the "carnival barker" types selling prints of Deadpool and HarleyQuinn. I do have my share of those types of prints to lure customers towards my table but my primary focus has always been selling my books. Ironically, it's difficult for me to sell comics at comic cons.

My most financially unsuccessful con this year was NYCC SPECIAL EDITION which was billed as the "Smaller NY Comic Con" that would focus more on comics and comic creators but that focus didn't seem to migrate towards my table very much. It seemed to me that SPECIAL EDITION had just enough "BIG 2" pro artists to outshine the indie creators. I barely made my table costs back but meeting new people who do appreciate the work I do is always nice and it's what keeps me motivated to try and continue doing more comic cons in the (hopefully sooner than later) future.

So that's it I guess for 2015. I haven't booked any cons for 2016 as of yet. Will BEER & COOKIES Vol.2 ever see the light of day? Not anytime soon I guessing. It's not even on my radar at the moment. I presently feel a little burned out by comic cons BUT I do want to get back in that saddle. It's just a matter of when.

Thanks if you actually took time out of your day to read this diatribe of mine. Bigger THANKS to my TRUE followers who actively like and comment on my posts on Instagram,Facebook or wherever. THANK YOU again to Ilana and Joe and Mike and Tommy for making space for my art in their art shows. THANKS to Sean,Steve & Alil for having me on their THE LEAGUE OF GEEKZ movie review podcast early this year and to Venisia at for the nice write up and interview. And BIG THANKS as always to the gang at CARMINE STREET COMICS ( who occasionally allow me to loiter in front of their store to shill my wares whenever possible.

See you in 2016!

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