Another new piece of cartoon/comic art completed for BEER & COOKIES Vol.2!

It's been a long and laborious process but after several years of creating content, weeks of sleepless nights involving countless art corrections and 2 proof copies I think I'm finally ready to send off my finalized files to the book printer.

But all that work was actually the easy part! The"labor of love" part. The hard part is trying to get rid of the books once you've got them all printed! To do that, I've been applying for comic con exhibitor tables again.

I recently applied for a table at COMIC ARTS BROOKLYN 2016 and am hoping to hear back from them soon. I also applied for an Artist Alley Table at NEW YORK COMIC CON 2016 but got rejected and put on the waiting list. So...fingers crossed and whatever.

Hope to see you on the comic convention scene again soon.

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