The recent U.S. election results has left myself and many Americans disheartened,devastated and fearful about our future as a progressive nation. I took a few hours off from my regularly scheduled freelance workload to try and purge my anger creatively through my art. After drawing this tattoo/flash art inspired "DUMP TRUMP" piece I dusted off my old CAFE PRESS account and put this art on a bunch of T-Shirts, Buttons and other items. Through the sale of these items I'm hoping to raise some money to donate to various organizations who under the Trump/Pence regime are being threatened such as Planned Parenthood and/or LGBTQ charities. So if you're anti-Trump and looking for an alternative way to voice your opinion please give my DUMP TRUMP shop a look see. If you don't want to buy anything please feel free to share or link this post on whatever social media you like. The store link is below:


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