Issue 3 of WAIT...IT GETS WORSE debuted mid 2016 at MoccaFest and features auto biographical stories about life in New York written by Doug Latino and illustrated by Gideon Kendall along with several other cartoonists and artists. I had the pleasure of illustrating a two page story of Doug's titled I BARF NY! Here is page 1! To see how it ends you'll have to buy the comic which can be ordered here: http://www.whatzitcomic.com/shop/waitit-gets-worse-3

The printed comic is Black & White but I colored this page in photoshop for fun and practice:

This is the cover of issue 3 of WAIT...IT GETS WORSE illustrated by Gideon Kendall. He is insanely talented and has some amazing art in this comic so purchase it for his work more than anything! I have copies of WAIT... for sale so please contact me at jdqcartoons@gmail.com to order via Paypal Invoice or purchase directly from Gideon at this link:

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