This comic was inspired by a conversation on facebook about young, indie, male, cartoonists and how their auto-bio comics are just piss poor, carbon copies of their rage against society, sad sack, sex depraved, sequential art heroes like R.Crumb, Joe Matt or Chester Brown. The following page is meant to parody those comics and their overall tone.

The art itself was created spontaneously and purposefully done in a sketchy style, starting with very rough pencils and inking with a Sharpie marker on a sheet of vellum paper over the rough pencils. I penciled and inked the page not exactly knowing what i wanted the character to say but left ample enough word balloon space for him to vent. When it came time to write, i attacked it the same way i did the pencil and ink stage, in a free form, "stream of consciousness" way.

I'm also posting the original inked vellum page. As you can see it was originally inked with a BLUE Sharpie marker and i made several lettering adjustments in photoshop to make it more legible. I also cleaned up some of the art where i messed up during the ink stage.

Calculating the few hours i spent on this i'm noticing maybe this project wasn't as "spontaneous" as i though but for me this was still a quick turnaround on producing a final page of comics.

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